ChickChat - Power of SHE - Female Founders Social Soiree
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ChickChat - Power of SHE - Female Founders Social Soiree

ChickChat has brought together some of Seattle's top Female entrepreneurs and go getters to come and speak at this wonderful event, taking place Wednesday night at the Collective. Our very own Katrina Eileen will be one of the Female Founders speaking at this event and we couldn't be more excited.

Female Founders speaking at this event include:

-Rebecca Lyman - Principal and Co-Founder of The Garrigan Lyman Group

-Molly Kelleher Honig - Founder of Higher Leaf

-Shauna Swerland - Founder of Fuel Talent LLC

-Katrina Eileen - Founder and CEO of Katrina Eileen Real Estate

Here's what to expect: 

A relaxed atmosphere at one of the newest and hippest new spaces: The Collective. Come mix 'n mingle with inspiring, like-minded women that are willing to expand their network and share their stories. If you’re open-minded, willing to share & learn and a great person to be around with, this is your place.

- The Panel -
Each Soiree features a speaker panel of a half dozen+ local Female Founders/CEO's from a wide variety of different industries - sharing stories of their trials and tribulations as they've grown their businesses. Some have been in business for 20+ years, others are newbie start up's. 

- Features -
Wine, bubbly and light bites served. Shop the female-owned pop-up shops in The Marketplace. Meet the featured non-profit and learn more about the life-changing work they're doing in our local communities.

- The Venue -
The Collective is Seattle's newest and hippest venue in the heart of SLU. Billed as, "an urban basecamp for the mind, body and soul," The Collective is a vibrant, members-only community that merges dynamic space, neat programs and craveable food & beverages. ATTENDEES CAN ARRIVE AT 4PM TO HAVE DINNER & DRINKS (no-host) AT THE COLLECTIVE'S RESTAURANT. Our event will be held upstairs - doors open at 6pm.

4-6pm: Attendees are granted early access to The Collective to purchase dinner & drinks if they want to fight traffic and grab a bite before the event.

6-7pm: Check-in, hosted wine & bubbly (non-alcoholic beverages too) and charceuterie spread. Mix n mingle, shop The Marketplace, meet the non-profit.

7-8pm: Programming - welcome, announcements, door prizes awarded, non-profit addresses crowd, speaker panel with Q&A

8-9pm: More mix 'n mingle, wine & bubbly

The Collective is open until 10pm, so go down after the event and have a drink with the new friends you've met.

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Buildings & Beer- Bitcoin Edition
6:00 PM18:00

Buildings & Beer- Bitcoin Edition

Northwest Real Estate Entrepreneurs - Power Players ... and Innovators

Thursday, May 17 at 6 PM - 10 PM

Next stop? The future of the Real Estate. How might Blockchain technology and Crypto currencies forever change the landscape of the real estate industry? The structure of the deal?

This time...we are taking over the Penthouse at the Bravern in Bellevue!

...we will bring you the industry thinkers and leaders in the Global Blockchain game. The question, "How might Blockchain affect how we 'do' the business of real estate?

Our Visionary Speaker, straight from the Global Blockchain Summit DRAGONCHAIN will be here to cast the vision, break this down into intelligible language for the rest of us.

Find out about the first crypto currency home sale that closed right here in our own backyard. Want to know the mechanics of buying real estate using your crypto portfolio? What is the treatment of your portfolio when obtaining an asset based loan?

What are Smart Contracts and what are the implications of them?

We will be serving up adult beverages, appetizers, and conversation you just can't get anywhere else. It doesn't get any better than this!

Very limited number of tickets are available. Get yours now! $37 per person. Includes a couple of drinks and light bites. All sponsorship dollars will go directly to local non-profit.

From 6pm - til all hours of the night, we will hang out, catch up, imbibe the brew and let our imaginations run wild as we contemplate and connect with those who are writing the story of where we go next.

We are playing this game of Real Estate Entrepreneurship at a high level and we want more players. So bring your friends, spouses, and whoever else you think might elevate the conversation.

Here's to "Living a more deliberate life…..a more extraordinary life."

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Investment-Worthy Or Money Pit; Know The Difference
8:00 AM08:00

Investment-Worthy Or Money Pit; Know The Difference

As an investor of commercial or industrial property, the unknowns can run high. Not having the right information when acquiring a real estate asset without a clear picture of what these future costs are – most assuredly impacts your investment negatively. During this 90min power breakfast, James Smith shows you how a Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) minimizes your risk and liability while maximizing your financial gains. He’ll cover what a FCA is, why it’s important, reasons to do it, and how to go about getting it done.

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