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Are there pigs on Queen Anne? Seattle- Favorite Businesses

The Queen Anne Animal Clinic https://www.facebook.com/QueenAnneVet/ says it’s the Cheers of the hill. They know everyone’s names and they do lots of extra stuff, like taking in lost cats and dogs and reuniting them with their owners. We hear this is the best place in Seattle for a pet to get lost! The receptionist here […]

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Water Buffalos Near Green Lake- Seattle

I know someone who was walking along one day, lost in thought, when she looked up and saw a water buffalo right in front of her. In Wallingford. Took her a minute to realize she was on the back end of the zoo. www.zoo.org/ On its 92 acres the Woodland Park Zoo houses 1,100 animals […]


Gluten Free Brownies at Midnight- Green Lake- Seattle- neighborhood businesses

Ever get hungry after a walk or run around the lake? PCC Green Lake Village, at 450 NE 71st St. is your spot. http://www.pccnaturalmarkets.com/locations/gv.html It’s right on the north end of Green Lake, the mecca in Seattle for running, bike riding, dog walking, dancing, or whatever gets you hungry. You want good food? Store-made vegan […]

What Katrina’s Clients Are Saying About Her Stellar Service

Working with Katrina is a pleasure. She is honest, understanding and always looking out for others best interest. Her advice is sound and work ethic is outstanding! I would recommend herhighly.