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Independent Contractor: Every other Friday or another mutually agreed upon schedule. Employee Paid on the 1 st and 15 th of the month. The paycheck on the 1st will be for the hours worked from the 2 nd -15 th of the previous month. The paycheck on the 15 th will be for hours worked from the 16 th through the first day of the following month.
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Firm Name: Katrina Eileen Headquarters: 701 5th Ave, Suite 4200, Seattle, WA 98104
Main Number 425-230-4500 Northside Number: 425-931-3275 Seattle Number: 206-467-7775
Owner: Katrina Eileen Romatowski Phone: 425-230-4499 Email: Governance and Compliance: Ivy Marshall Phone: 425-230-4501 Email: Inside Sales: Elite: Lola Reyes Phone: 425-230-4502 Email: Inside Sales: J.R. Laune Phone: 425-230-4503 Email: Primary Broker: Kim Pelham Phone:425-213-8761 Email: Primary Broker: Alicia Messa: Phone: 425-919-9302 Email: Transaction Coordinating: Jolene Winter Phone: 425-230-4507 Email:
Katrina Eileen is a company with a conscience and a purpose.  We are striving to become a Social Purpose Corporation. This hybrid business is legally recognized indicating that operations are driven as equally towards profit as they are towards social good.  Tom's Shoes, Etsy and Ben & Jerry’s all have that same business model. At Katrina Eileen we choose to be a significant force for positive social contribution in our community and build sustainability in our local economy, with our employees and in our community. If you have a specific social interest, please let us know as we look for future activities to participate in.
Reference Name, Contact Number, Relationship and Years Known
Reference Name, Contact Number, Relationship and Years Known
Reference Name, Contact Number, Relationship and Years Known
INTRODUCTION This agreement is entered between Katrina Eileen and Broker. AGREEMENT: Katrina Eileen desires to have Broker act on behalf of Katrina Eileen in a Transaction Coordinator capacity. The Broker is not entitled to compensation for revenues generated on all transactions the company generates. Broker agrees to perform Clerical activity and will not actively perform Broker activities on behalf of the Firm. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR A. The position and status of Broker shall be that of an independent contractor, and not as an employee, partner, joint venture or in any other capacity other that of an independent contractor to Katrina Eileen. In no event shall Broker be considered nor treated as an employee of Katrina Eileen in regards to Federal or Washington State tax purposes. Broker shall be responsible for paying all of his or her income and self–employment taxes and shall be responsible for the filing of all of his or her related estimated and actual income tax returns and forms pursuant thereto. Katrina Eileen will not withhold any taxes nor make any contributions or payments to Broker’s FICA, or unemployment insurance. Katrina Eileen will not provide nor will Broker be entitled to receive fringe benefits, including health insurance, paid vacations or any other employee benefit.
Information Protection and Privacy WHY IT MATTERS We care about our clients, brokers, affiliates and employees. We believe our firm has a responsibility to protect the personal information we obtain and responsibly manage the manner in which we store information. Any contractor, employee or entity working on behalf of Katrina Eileen is required to comply with all Information Protection and Privacy requirements. These include: INFO SHARING NON-PUBLIC INFORMATION (NPI) • Any information considered (NPI) obtained about an individual or entity during normal business activities must not to be shared outside of the Firm (this would include an client’s intent to buy or sell before information is made public through listing), without the clients specific permission. INFO PROTECTION • Any information about a client must be protected regardless of media format. This would include ensuring laptop or computers are kept locked when away from your desk and papers with client information must be protected at all times. This includes when left in a car or when sitting on an open counter in public view. Any remote worker must be especially diligent to protect client information in a shared home/remote office environment. ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE • All contractors, employees or entities working on behalf of Katrina Eileen must be willing to have Katrina Eileen approved Anti-Virus protection installed on any computer used to perform business operations. All employees, entities or contractors will be required to have the software installed unless proof is provided that the current protection of said employee, entity or contractor meets internal protection requirements.
WHY IT MATTERS Reputation means everything. Many companies spend millions of dollars annually tracking down sources of rumors that damage their reputation. Often times, irreversibly. Regardless of the size of a company, it is the responsibility of each member to protects its reputation. SOCIAL MEDIA: Any contractor, employee or entity working on behalf of Katrina Eileen must never express personal grievances or depict a member of the Firm, any person working in behalf of the Firm, clients or Firm affiliates in a derogatory way verbally or through photographs. All contractors, employees and entities working on behalf of Katrina Eileen are expected to maintain the conduct and standards of the Firm at all times, this is especially important on Social Media. ONLINE/CHAT ROOM DEBATES: We strive to make every interaction with a potential, past or present client or potential, past or present contractor, employee or entity a positive one. At times this is not the case. Whether perceived or reality, online channels make it easy for individuals to vent their opinions without filter or assessing the far reaching impact. At no time is should anyone working on behalf of Katrina Eileen enter into a verbal debate in defense of the Firm online. It is our request that no comment at all be exchanged and, in the case of extreme negative comments that a screen shot of the comments (including user ID) be forwarded to “”. You are never to represent yourself as a spokesman for the Firm at any time. CASUAL CONVERSATIONS: Anyone working on behalf of Katrina Eileen must never speak despairingly about a fellow client, contractor or entity if the result will reflect negatively on the Katrina Eileen Real Estate Firm.
Your telephone access is through a web based application called 8x8.
To utilize this application, you will need to download the app on your computer:
PHONE# 425-230-450
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