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Katrina Eileen Romatowski

Managing Broker, Founder, Real Estate Investor, Seattle Native

Katrina Eileen Real Estate is a place for go getters to go get. Whether you want to buy, sell, invest, or broker, this is the place to build wealth through real estate.

Joe Candelario-10e cp.jpg

Joe Candelario

Associate Broker - General Contractor - Investor


Tami Collins

Airbnb Operations & Management


Jonathan Hanes

Commercial Broker


Kip Kane Business pic (2).jpg

Christoper 'Kip'Kane

Managing Broker


Andrea Kulp 2.jpg

Andrea Kulp

Broker Services - Events Coordinator


Deanne McDonnell.jpg

Deanne McDonnell

Associate Broker - Investor


Alicia Messa 1.jpg

Alicia Messa

The Messa Group

Associate Broker


jenny 2.jpg

Jenny Mickelson

Associate Broker - Investor


Joshua Murphy

Associate Broker - Investor


Stefan 4.jpg

Stefan Holger Newbury

Associate Broker - General Contractor - Investor


Virginia Otter 4.jpg


Team Leader - Associate Broker




Associate Broker - Stager - General Contractor



Compliance Officer - Associate Broker


Kristin 'Kris' Winslow

The Messa Group

Associate Broker