Shoulder’s of Giants featured speaker Frank “Wish Man” Shankwitz, Creator and A Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

On the Shoulders of Giants featuring Frank “Wish Man” Shankwitz a Creator and a Founder of the Make-a -Wish Foundation on Friday, July 26th from 8:00am to 9:30am at the Columbia Tower Club!

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." ~ Isaac Newton

Frank Shankwitz is best known as the Creator and A Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an extraordinary charity that grants the wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. From humble beginnings, the Make-A-Wish Foundation on is now a global organization that grants a child's wish somewhere in the world on an average of every 28 minutes. Frank is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has a long and distinguished career in law enforcement. He began as Arizona Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer, and retired as a Homicide Detective after 42 years of service. Frank has been featured in numerous publications and television programs, and has received several prestigious awards, including the White House Call To Service Award from President George W. Bush, and the Making A Difference In the World award from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. In 2015 Frank joined six U.S. Presidents as well as Nobel Prize winners and industry leaders as a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Frank is the feature of a forthcoming motion picture (Wish Man) as well as a new children's book (Wishes Wont Wash Dishes) coming soon. 

Frank, one of Forbes top ten keynote speakers will share his story behind the creation of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, one of the most culturally significant non-profits of our time. 

Every opportunity available to us today is there because of great thinkers, builders and creators who have formed our communities as we know them. It is standing on the shoulders of these giants that gives us the ability to see and create what’s next. 

This month we are honored to have Frank Shankwitz join us for an interview and Q&A with longtime PSBJ Publisher and frequent CEO interviewer, Mike Flynn. Hear how we as entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists can learn from Frank's experiences.

Before and during the event you are invited to enjoy the Columbia Tower Club’s world-renowned signature breakfast buffet while taking in the views from the 76th floor for this exclusive invite only event.

Fawn Morgan