Leads & Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program - Investor Edition


LEAP Leads & Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program – Investor Edition!

Understand Real Estate Investing

How to buy a house for 245k. Sell it for 270k. And put 197k in your bank account.

  • Understand: The Art of the Deal and Deal Architecture

  • Negotiation | Structure | Contracts

  • Finding the Deals

  • Mastermind Live Deals on the Table

This is a small class with very limited space available.

We believe we are better together, and it’s not a zero sum game!

The way we see it, there’s not just one pie to divide- if we have the ingredients, we can make 5 pies. Or more.

How do we put a lot of money in the pocket of the Seller while creating more profit? When done right everyone benefits. We believe that if we analyze our beliefs we will start seeing opportunities that we couldn’t see before.

You Need a Set of Keys

Then we need to a set of keys to unlock opportunities for investment success. Katrina offers powerful keys to open up doors to your vision.  Think about it, if you had never seen a key before, would you know how to unlock a door blocking your way? But, once you have that set of keys you see doors to open everywhere!

Want to learn how? Join us for this hands on event. We will give you the concrete skills and tools. This is not a “teaser program,” this is the real deal.

Why Are We Hosting This Event?

We have seen Real Estate Investors spend $30,000 to $100,000 on real estate education and end up with a bad taste in their mouth, or worse… upside down in their investments.  This is not the way to learn to invest. We have a vision to change this.

We want to gather a group of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs and industry leaders to create a collaborative forum where the focus is about giving back, ideas are shared freely with a sense of generosity and lucrative transactions come together by virtue of the nature of the people who participate.


It will be something DIFFERENT.  Something REMARKABLE

Session Dates

Five Wednesdays beginning May 8th and ending on June 12th from 2pm to 5:30pm






Classes are being held at The 123

123 N 35th St

Seattle, WA 98103

Fawn Morgan