Why Having A Real Estate Agent is a Good Idea


It’s 2019, and in this day and age, if you’re like most people, you probably pride yourself on having the smallest computers and phones that are jam-packed with the most features. Many of us are determined to take our homes and work to the next technological level, and we spend a lot of time contemplating how we can do things bigger, better, faster, and more efficiently. The age of the internet has greatly changed everything, including the way that real estate is bought and sold.  It has also changed the way that people face problems -- someone can Google almost anything, and there are a ton of forums, communities, and chat rooms to help you do anything from change a tire to reinstall a hard drive. Often, potential clients may ask why they need a estate agent when anyone can just upload a few snapshots to a website and wait for the bids to come in? Unfortunately, selling (or buying) a house is much more complicated than that. There is much more to the process than someone giving you money and you giving them the keys in return.


Forgoing a real estate agent means that you are missing out on the wealth of knowledge and experience that they have accumulated. Not only can agents help with pricing your house, but they can also help with the mountain of paperwork and complicated language you will have to read through.  If you’re searching for a home to buy, realtors® have access to listings that these websites do not have. Simply put - they know their stuff and how to find it.  And better still-- they represent you, so they become familiar with your situation and needs to find the best fit for you, and act in your best interest at the negotiation table.


It is a real estate agent’s job to help sell your house, but they can also help serve as a directory of all of the things you may need during the home buying or selling process. Need a mortgage broker? They have a guy. Your roof leaks? They have a guy for that too. They know handymen, landscapers, photographers, interior designers, painters, staging experts, and more - people who can either help make your home more appealing to buyers or help customize your new home.


Finally, realtors® know how much a house is worth. On both sides - buying or selling - they will negotiate until they can get you the absolute best deal so you end up on top. While the internet certainly helps, nothing beats having a real person in your corner with knowledge and connections, and your best interests at heart.


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Katrina Romatowski