For  home buyers, sellers, and investors who want more than money motivated services. Our social purpose brokers start and end with community in mind. Unlike traditional firms that are focused on increasing transactions, our team is dedicated to building communities. We save you time and increase your return on investment by living and breathing by our motto: Buyers win. Sellers Profit. Investors Prosper. Communities Grow Stronger.  At Katrina Eileen, we’re ALL invested together!

Whether you want to buy, sell, invest, build, or broker, Katrina Eileen is the place to build wealth through real estate. 



Katrina Eileen Romatowski

Founder | Managing Broker | Local Investor |  Seattle Native



Jonathan Hanes

Commercial Broker


Alicia Messa 1.jpg

Alicia Messa

Founder at The Messa Group | Broker


jenny 2.jpg

Jenny Mickelson

Broker | Investor



Joshua Murphy

Broker | Investor


Stefan 4.jpg

Stefan Holger Newbury

Broker | General Contractor | Investor



Kimberly Pelham

Founder of The Pelham Group | Broker | Stager | General Contractor


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Megan Toth



Kris Winslow 2.jpg

Kristin ‘Kris’ Winslow

The Messa Group | Broker



Vikram Deol

Founder at The Deol Group | Broker

ranny headshot.jpeg

Ranny Kang

Broker In Training

Warren Williams 3.jpg

Warren Williams

Samira Williams 2.jpg

Samira Williams


Richard Romatowski.jpg

Rick Romatowski

Director of Operations

Jack's Business Picture.JPG

Jack Gruber

Capital Gains Specialist



Ecem Pogge

Broker | Architect | Investor


Image Coming Soon (1).png

Mahesh Karandikar

Broker | Investor



Kelvin Kleinman

Broker | Asset Advisor


Image Coming Soon (1).png

Lawrence O’Neal


Image Coming Soon (1).png

Parys Unangst

Office Manager


Harris Francis

VP of Marketing


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